Geron Corporation (NASDAQ:GERN) Lead Drug Imetelstat May Prove Super Efficient For Cancer Patients

Geron Corporation (NASDAQ:GERN) lead drug Imetelstat has been found to be super efficient at killing cancer cells. Reports indicate that in the treatment of Myelofibrosis, a type of blood cancer the worst side effect of the drug is cytopenias. And this science of side effect is indicative of the super efficacy of Imetelstat.

The latest study suggests that the median survival period for the patients who have been prescribed Imetelstat may double or may soon triple than the expected timeline for the patients undergoing the iMbark trial. The indications of Imetelstat are currently under investigation in two late Phase II trials IMerge and IMbark.

The IMbark trial Phase 2 clinical trials evaluate Imetelstat in patients with high risk or -2 Myelofibrosis (MF) relapsed after refractory to prior treatment with a JAK inhibitor. The drug has been found to have multiple health benefitting features including clinical improvement, disease stability, complete or partial remission in almost all the MF patients undergoing treatment.

The effect of the drug becomes typically apparent in patients by the third dose, which is exactly six weeks after the first treatment. One of the greatest breakthroughs is the reversal of fibrosis shown by the patients with complete remission and even complete molecular response. It certainly is a revolutionary achievement for a drug with patients faced with other treatment failures and near-term death.

In the early misstep, the patients missed a 12-week spleen response endpoint. However, the company working in collaboration with the FDA once again refocused the trial toward the secondary endpoints of Clinical Improvements, Complete Responses, and Partial Responses. Many patients have shown these secondary endpoints that are indicative of bone marrow fibrosis reversal and disease modification. Interestingly, none of these features have been demonstrated by any other drug.

Geron Is The Best Opportunity For Investors

Geron has a market capitalization of just $304MM. It is also working in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) that will most probably lead to milestone and royalty payments in billions. That is why trade analysts believe that it can be one of the best opportunities for the investors who are interested in investing in any publicly traded company.



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