Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Claims New Store Data Assists Mobile Ads

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) claims it is doing an excellent job by connecting the ads that shoppers see on their mobile phones to the products they buy in stores.

The company reported that the initiative has been largely successful and has attracted more advertisers on to the platform thus increasing the company’s advertising revenues. The online giant involves a strategy where it provides regular reports to the retailers in Canada, USA, and Australia.

The reports show the retailers how much traffic their ads have been receiving. This strategy has been largely successful because it convinces the advertising clients that that the company is indeed working to boost their efforts. Some of the biggest beneficiaries of the ads service include Target Corporation (NYSE:TGT), and Home Depot Inc (NYSE:HD). Google regularly sends store data to these companies.

The ads data is particularly important to the large organizations because it allows them to gauge their performance as well as identifying which products are performing and which ones need an extra boost. Target senior vice president, Kristi Argyilan made a statement regarding Google’s consumer ads and how it has affected the giant retail company.

Argyilan confirmed that the data has been extremely helpful for Target’s data research department. Her statement also added that Google’s data revealed that people who clicked and viewed the ads regularly visited the stores to purchase the advertised products.

The data also revealed that most target shoppers visited Google mobile search for products before they finally went to retrieve the searched products. Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) identified the need to place more focus on its mobile device software and applications because they registered more views. People have become accustomed to using their smartphones to search for the most basic content on their mobile phones.

The giant internet has received a lot of favorable feedback from advertisers through its Google ads service. Google is happy about the project because it will register more profits. Google has started to exploit yet another aspect which promises to rapidly raise revenue just like Facebook was able to harness advertising to boost profits.

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