Google Sheets Updates Filtering, Pivoting And Charting Features To Compete With Exel

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is bringing the competition to Microsoft office particularly Exel by refining the a few features on its Google Sheets.

The company is making new updates for the pivoting, charting and filtering features for Google Sheets. The updates will allow users to make data entries that will show accurate values for the bars or the points. Users can also alter the shapes of their data points, pentagons, stars, triangles and more available options to make their documents more appealing and easier to extract accurate information.

Once the user feeds the formula to the sheets, they will automatically display the results as the user continues to type in more information. Google claims that the new updates are particularly accurate, and they detect errors very effectively.

Users can also filter the rows and columns through various criteria such as “text contains,” or “greater than” while the pivot tables now have an option where users can include calculated fields to add more formulas to their data. A GETPIVOTDATA function also allows users to retrieve data easily from the tables. Part of Google Sheets’ success is the fact that it allows users to collaborate in order to work more efficiently on a subject.

Collaborating with users has its shortfalls. In the previous version, users could avoid such because there was an option to deny or allow access. The current version gives users the option of including a warning to alert other users before they make any alterations to particular cells. The feature is there as a sign to avoid any errors particularly those of accidental nature.

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has identified that despite having its office interface, most users always prefer going back to Microsoft Office because of its ease of use, familiarity user-friendly nature. Google is looking to change that by making new changes Google Sheets. The company hopes that the new look and new features will sway users toward Google sheets.

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