GoPro Inc (NASDAQ:GPRO) Has Included A Touchscreen Interface To Its Regularly Priced Cameras

GoPro Inc (NASDAQ:GPRO) has decided to update its base model camera with a cheap touch screen to enhance their appeal.

Just like the predecessor GoPro Hero 4 cameras, the Hero+LCD is integrated within the Camera’s waterproof housing. The new upgrade features a back LCD touchscreen, Bluetooth, WIFI, and high definition recording at 1080pand 60 frames per second.The camera lacks the usual number found on some of the GoPro cameras, but the reason is simple. It is an entry level device, and base level GoPro cameras do not have the number series written on them, all in all, the entry level devices.

The small size of the camera is a preference to many customers because of their convenience. The small size has also been a limiting factor for the company because it is difficult to include additional features. For example the display is so small that most features cannot be incorporated, thus the need for a touch interface. However, this has never been an issue with GoPro because their target customers are specific.

Regardless of this fact, the company thinks that introducing the Hero+LCD will improve sales and give users a more satisfying experience. The touch screen was previously limited to the Here4 silver. One of the advantages of the new interfaces is the ability to take better videos with a clearer field of view. It also allows users to review the footage.

Users will also be able to do minor editing before the upload or send their videos. GoPro has incorporated other extreme features in the premium cameras in line with the advancing camera and video technology. Most of the premium cameras can record content in 4K resolution. It is therefore air that even the base devices get an uplift.

The GoPro Inc (NASDAQ:GPRO) Hero+LCD camera that was upgraded will now cost $300. Ht previous model released in 2014 was worth $150. Now the camera costs $100 less than the Hero4 Silver. The will be on sale in U.S. stores on June 7 and will later on be introduced in the international scene by July 12.

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