Harley-Davidson Inc (NYSE:HOG) Achieves Immense Success In Line With The Expansion Of Its Product Portfolio

The stock of Harley-Davidson Inc (NYSE:HOG) closed at $52.27 gaining 1.40% in yesterday’s trading session. Harley-Davidson Inc is looking back with pride at the fact that it achieved immense success in terms of expanding its product portfolio. It all started from the company laying down a strategy that would see it give a major lift to its sales growth.

At the moment, the company is looking forward to succeed in its quest to unveil about 100 new motorcycles by 2027.The Milwaukee, WI-based company in the course of 2017 was able to launch two motorcycles, the Street Rod 750 and the Road King Special. The other move the company expects to make any time soon will be the development of Project LiveWire, which happens to be its first electric motorcycle. These series of efforts were all targeted at helping the company take its revenue growth a notch higher.

The company’s spokesperson said, “Also, Harley-Davidson is making concerted efforts to improve its international reach and anticipates an increase of 50% in yearly volume by 2027. In sync with this strategy, the company is adding new dealerships across the globe.”

If everything goes according to plan, the company is confident that it will be able to add 150-200 new dealerships internationally by the time 2020 finally arrives.

It is a company associated with a long-term growth rate of 8.5% and it never stops in its quest to develop an edge over rivals.

Most of the people that have been following closely on the progress of the motorcycle king are finding it rather challenging establishing the main reason behind the failures of the business giant. A report emanating from a number of analysts indicated that the issue was more to do with who was at the helm of the company’s leadership than it and to do with whatever was being ‘ferried’ to the market.

There are numerous perspectives to look at the matter. However, it is critical for anyone to notice that each and every person is apparently a genius in a bull market. But it gets to that point when any given company has to face up to the realities that pop up in the long run.

Scott Coper

Scott Coper

Coper graduated from the University of Chicagi with majors in political science and journalism.