HCA Holdings Inc (NYSE:HCA) Still Healthy Regardless Of Final Supreme Court Rule On Obamacare

HCA Holdings Inc (NYSE:HCA) awaits to see the final verdict from the Supreme Court that is expected to have huge ramification on the Affordable Care Act. The verdict is expected to affect tax subsidies, which an estimated 13 million Americans hope to use to buy coverage on health-care exchanges at the federal level.

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At crossroads in the long-running court battle is the legitimacy of the subsidies that are currently not available in 34 states. Should the court upheld the challenge, then millions of people are expected to drop coverage something that is expected to affect HCA Holdings Inc (NYSE:HCA) in one way or another. The Affordable Care Act, which operates over 166 hospitals and another 113 surgical centers could remain upbeat regardless of the verdict as it only expects 6%-7% of its earnings to come from Obamacare.

Concerns with regards to the final verdict have already seen the stock plummet by 5% after an impressive run of 54% last year. HCA Holdings Inc (NYSE:HCA)’s underlying business that continues to grow should help offset a not so good verdict from the court. The stock could soar to highs of $86 a share according to Barron’s on the core hospital business that continues to drive earnings. The company also continues to watch states like Florida, which is expected to expand on Medicaid translating to more business.

The Street expects HCA Holdings Inc (NYSE:HCA)’s earnings to come in at highs of $2.2 billion or $4.95 a share this year, up by 17% from 2014 regardless of the Supreme Court ruling. Analysts expect 7% of its EBITDA growth to come from the core business that is not inclusive of the Obamacare. HCA saw its hospital admissions in the fourth quarter soar by 5%, the highest in years as the company continues to take market share steadily.

Expansion of outpatient services, as well as the strengthening of the cardiac and orthopedic areas, is also expected to attract more doctors as well as more complex cases that should be good business for HCA.

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