Hilton Hotels Corporation (NYSE:HLT) Embraces Innovation As The First Curio Collection Hotel Is Set Up In Australia

The stock of Hilton Hotels Corporation (NYSE:HLT) closed at $81.67 losing 0.29% in yesterday’s trading session. The global head of Curio Collection by Hilton Mark Nogal outlined that the establishment of the first Curio Collection hotel in Australia was a crucial milestone for them as a company. Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and is known around the globe for being one of those cities that stand out in terms of having a rich culture.

One of the officials working with the company said that it was this attribute that pushed them to settle on the location adding that they were going to set up the company’s growing global collection. At the moment, about 50 hotels have already been set up in Sydney and all of them are operational.

At the moment, about 50 hotels have already been set up in Sydney. If everything goes according to plan, West Hotel will move ahead with its plan to serve the various travelers seeking an authentic, memorable travel experience with real value for their money. It will avail the ideal base that will see them discover all the interesting aspects of Sydney.

A company official said, “Designed by Australian Architecture firm Fitzpatrick and Partners, with interiors by Woods Bagot, the hotel has a modern classic design theme, featuring deep tones with marble and brass accents. A strong botanical theme runs throughout the hotel, most evident in the beautiful open-air garden atrium and white waratah motif in the lobby.”

The general manager of West Hotel Sydney, Jane Lyons praised the motivated team members for their great dedication to work outlining that they would do a remarkable job welcoming the various guests to the West Hotel.

Achieving immense business success has much to do with the strategies any given business employs. West Hotel is currently looking forward to do its level best in terms of serving the various guests with exceptional experiences which will be a clear illustration of the distinctive spirit of Sydney. As part of the Curio Collection, it will be targeting serving them with the hallmarks of Hilton hospitality.

Abbott Michael

Abbott Michael

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