Increase in most stocks today

U.S. stocks finished at an impressive note today, as investors and stockholders are welcoming better results than they even expected in the first place. Dow Jones, S&P 500, and Nasdaq ended up closing at 0.5%. This is the highest level that these shares close at since October 2004. All these indexes are currently experiencing an impressive increase. This is the fourth week of consecutive gains and stock market experts are expecting them to reach to 1.8%.

Stock Shares of Procter and Gamble also increased by 4% today in the trading process. The company is responsible for creating different household goods and was able to top expectations from earnings. Microsoft and AT&T also experience an increase in their shares because of impressive earnings during the last quarter.

Shares of Halliburton Company also increased by 5% and this is the highest winner when it comes to companies that have S&P 500 shares. The organization has previously reported that they were able to beat expectations from analysts and this is mainly due to an increase in the sales on their international divisions.

Starbucks experienced a 4% increase in their shares and this was due to the company distributing their products to a market that is broader and diverse. Netflix is definitely among the biggest winners here where there shares are continuing to increase for the third day on a row now. So far, the shares of the company have increased by 42% .Netflix has previously shocked analysts when they released their profit and sales for the previous quarter.

On the other hand, companies such as Apple and rival Mattel are continuing to experience a serious decline in their shares. Hasbro has also started to experience a decline in their shares especially after the company has announced that they are have problems in challenging competition and growth prospects. The company has also decided to cut 20% of their workforce to keep up with the losses.

Overall, most companies that have S$P shares are going to experience a 4.4% increase during the next three months. Out of 130 companies, 66% were able to exceed expectations of analysts. When it comes to the currency market, the dollar decreased today against most international currencies such as the Yen of Japan and Euro of Europe. A further decline is expected this week except for the Egyptian pound that the American dollars have been experiencing a serious increase against.

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