Intelligent Highway Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:IHSI) Updates On Suncloak’s Grow Light System Specifications

Intelligent Highway Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:IHSI) reported that it has finalized a distribution deal with Suncloak for a innovative process of plant illumination. Devon Jones, the CEO said that they have received noteworthy attention after they announced deal completion with Suncloak. The management is thrilled to inform the public a full specification sheet with images of the Suncloak grow light system. He said that the management encourages all the people to take a look at the most effective way to cultivate flowers and plants indoor.

The highlights

In September 2014, Intelligent Highway reported the completion of a sole distribution deal with an LED lighting firm for the distribution service of a 300W LED grow light. The test data of this LED grow light were successful in preserving power and reducing heat. However, the yields failed to surpass the current market standards.

The expert comments

The CEO said that after extensive searching they are proud to report the completion of agreement with Suncloak. It is a R&D company that has developed advanced LED Grow lighting system. Suncloak’s patent pending system changes the way light is supplied to a flower or plant. Almost every LED grow light available in the industry applies light only to the top part of the plant. However, the Suncloak System utilizes a matrix of vertical lights so as to wholly cover the flower or plant in a full light spectrum.

The benefits

With this innovative plant illumination process, Intelligent Highway Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:IHSI) expects to record substantial power savings, decline in operational cost, heat reduction and increased yields. The CEO concluded that they are extremely thrilled to become the first company to introduce this new system to market. It is the most resourceful grow light system in the industry. The company is proud to confirm distribution deal along with the announcement that the new innovative Suncloak Grow Light System is available in the market for sale.

In early morning on trade on Wednesday, the stock price of Intelligent Highway is trading flat at $0.00030.


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