MagneGas Corporation (NASDAQ:MNGA) Receives Fuel Order From One of The Largest Cement Companies In Southeastern U.S.

Amidst of the elevating market opportunities, MagneGas Corporation (NASDAQ:MNGA) has received a fuel order from one of the largest cement companies located in the Southeastern United States. MagneGas is a leading company that runs its operations in the technology field.

Patented Inventions of MagneGas:

MagneGas claims to have invented a process that can easily convert liquid waste into hydrogen-based fuel. Recently, it announced that it had received a fuel order from a top-notch cement company in U.S. MagneGas stated that this company was looking forward to replacing acetylene with MagneGas fuel. As per the announcement made by MagneGas, the company doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned; hence, it has already placed the first order for Florida location.

The cement company that has placed an order with MagneGas runs its operations across Southeastern U.S., South America and the Caribbean with over 2000 mixers and 300 ready-mix plants. It has been conducting several tests to use MagneGas for plant repairs. As soon as the tests are over, the first lot of production will commence. The cement company hopes that if everything falls in the line, it will expand to a wide range of locations across the country in the coming week. It will not only help the company enhancing its reach, but also the revenues in the near future.

The senior management of MagneGas Corporation (NASDAQ:MNGA) is delighted to have received this project and hopes that it will be able to fulfill the expectations of the cement company that has contacted it. MagneGas has grown at a good pace in the last few years, and if everything goes as per plans this time, it expects to grow at a better pace. The company declined to share details about the cement company that had contacted it stating that it would share the details in the near future.



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