Magnets Smash A $10,000 Apple Watch And It Remains Functional

The $10,000 smart watch from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is not something that you would see someone considering to crush with a sledgehammer just to see how it fairs after that. Well, popular YouTuber has taken to his YouTube channel to demonstrate something similar with an Apple Watch and two powerful magnets.

The YouTuber by the name TechRax takes product testing to the extremes. In his channel, he breaks expensive gadgets by going so far as to shoot them or subject them to harsh treatment just to see what the outcome will be. And since not everyone can afford to buy expensive gadgets just to destroy them, he features such extreme videos on the channel to showcase such videos.

TexRax has been extremely popular over the past two years with video posts receiving more than 10 million views. Some of the most popular videos feature mobile phones. They are subjected to drops, burning or crushing using heavy items and many more.

In the Apple Watch test, he put the $10,000 watch on a surface between two strong magnets and then brought the magnets closer until they instantly pulled towards each other. The impact sandwiched the watch between the magnets. It was evident that it was a strong impact because some pieces broke off from the magnets. The watch itself suffered a lot of damage from the 600 pounds of impact force.

Despite the damage that the watch suffered, TechRax put it back on the charger to see if there would be any response. Surprisingly the phone was still “alive,” thus proving that Apple’s technology in the watch is highly resilient.

The US-based Ukrainian vlogger has once again posted something that will be the talk of many in the tech world especially considering how popular the Apple Watch has become since it was launched. The vlogger accumulates cash from the number of views for each video. This particular video has already received more than 1.3 million views since it was posted two days ago.

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