Mark Zuckerberg Elaborates The Removal Of Content On Social Networks And His Love For Video Games

The battle between Ukraine and Russia is now very evident after an engagement with Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The CEO was reacting to a question on the removal of content that had been posted by Ukraine bloggers.

Zuckerberg admitted that they had been an experience of rules violation that had come along with some hate speech. The published information sounded more of an attack on the Russian community and, for this reason, the posts were brought down.

 Posting of information that is likely to trigger violence between different ethnic groups is unlawful on whatever social media. By the time Zuckerberg took to answering the question, it had garnered 45,000 votes. However, he explained that he needed all the time to read the comments so as to allow for an amicable response.

While the set rules and regulations are very clear, he was also lost for words as to why bloggers were going against the policies. However, the same policies have allowed a certain level of provisions for bringing down posts that are negatively attacking others, either individually or even as a corporate.

Meanwhile, a lot of questions have been going round about the moderated posts by Russians yet they had been posted by Ukrainians. What was not clear is how this is happening yet there is an ongoing disagreement between Russia and Ukraine.

Rumor had it that there had been a mediation that took place in a Russian bureau, but Zuckerberg has since countered this to be untrue. To begin with Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) does not have operational offices either in Russia or Ukraine. However, they have an obligation of breaking every language and review each and every content that is posted.

At their Dublin Headquarters, you will find a lot of folks that can break words. Asked about his favorite video game, he confirmed that he loved Civilization more than any other since his childhood days. He finds it fun and keeps him at peace. He has since advised parents to allow their children to explore technology because it is a way of learning.

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