MEI Pharma Inc (NASDAQ:MEIP) Cancer Drug Fails Primary Goals In Response Data of Clinical Study

MEI Pharma Inc (NASDAQ:MEIP) recently released the data from Phase II clinical study of Pracinostat drug, in conjunction with azacitidine, the chemotherapy drug. The company, in its released data, said that the combination treatment among patients, who have never been treated for high-risk or intermediate MDS or Myelodysplastic Syndrome, remained unfruitful. MDS is a kind of blood cancer.

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The failed pracinostat- azacitidine combination results

MEI Pharma revealed that pracinostat- azacitidine combination depicted no distinction at all, in the complete diminution of MDS in patients. It had similar actions as with azacitidine alone. By complete diminution, it is meant that all the MDS signs will disappear with the treatment. The meaning of this term does not necessarily pertain to the cure.

The clinical study included 102 MDS patients and these were randomized on one-to-one basis at 19 locations of the country. The main endpoint of the study was to check the rate of CR or complete remission in MDS patients, which it failed to accomplish.

No unexpected toxicities observed with the combination

The company said that though there were no differences in the drug effects, but at the same time, the combination also did not show any unexpected of new toxicities. However, symptoms such as myelosuppresion, gastrointestinal toxicities and fatigue were observed more in the group that was put on combination drug treatment. MEI Pharma said that it will unveil the complete results of clinical study at its scientific meeting at the end of this year.

The President & CEO of company, Daniel P. Gold said that they were disappointed with the response data. He added that the company would diligently look into the set of entire data, along with the study subsets. MEI Pharma Inc (NASDAQ:MEIP) would now study the effects of discontinuations in order to understand and inform the future course of development of Pracinostat drug.

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