Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Adds Another Superfish Cleanup Tool

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) always puts best of its efforts to ensure that the security of personal computers running its operating system isn’t compromised. Earlier this week, it announced that search-and-destroy service works as per its standards. Reports claim that many PCs including Lenovo have started witnessing less number of infections with the help of improved security measures of the company.

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In a recent blog post, Microsoft announced the addition of another superfish clean-up tool to take security measures to greater heights.

Road So Far:

As per the information made public by Microsoft’s security team, its newly launched clean-up tool detected around 60,000 infected personal computers on February 21, 2015.The number kept on elevating for the next two days before coming down.

The next few days were critical for the company, but its security tool started putting effects. The number of PCs that were founded on February were only 3000, way less than the number that the company found a few days ago.

Conditions have continuously improved since then, and the number of infected personal computers has numbered below 1000, which is extremely delightful for Microsoft. As per the announcement made by Microsoft, close to 2.5 lakhs PCs of Lenovo were sanitized by superfish starting from February 20 to March 4.

The entire information has been was grabbed by the company with the help of one of its security tool called Malicious Software Removal Tool. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) pushes this tool in users’ PC every month through Windows updates.

MSRT is equivalent to any other antivirus program, but includes an extra set of ‘fingerprints,’ that allow it to detect any harmful malware and delete it automatically. Microsoft had offered pre-installed MSRT with Lenovo PCs in the previous year and planning to continue the same in the future as well. It looks forward to adding more updates in MSRT in the future if needed.

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John Eisler

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