Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Redesigns Bing Mobile Web Page

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has redesigned the Bing page for mobile, making it as beautiful as the home page of the desktop version of the website.

Why are analyst so optimistic about MSFT?

The first thing that catches people’s attention when they visit the search engine’s home page is the beautiful images of the home page. Although some might claim it only makes the search engine heavy (and they should rather be as light as possible), the stunning photo art would really capture user’s attention. It usually covered the whole screen with some stunning imagery and photo arts. And now, Microsoft has taken things up a notch.

Microsoft has given the Bing mobile home page, the same artistic touch as well. Also, if users opinion are to be believed, then the results are pretty nice too. However, nothing can be told right now if it indeed consumes a lot of time to load the web page.

Apparently, Microsoft has announced that this new design would be available on Android and Apple smartphones. However, what inspired Microsoft to come up with a brand new home page in mobile versions seems to be a tale of mystery. Bing has called this modification as a “significant redesign” of their mobile home page.

Bing was always the underdog to Google, but that doesn’t mean that Bing cannot show results within a few milliseconds. Apart from its quick search capability, the Microsoft made website will now have a swipable interface as well. The user can swipe up and down to see the home page image details as well. People can also access “popular now” topics and even their Bing accounts as well.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) included the swipe option, only after interpreting research results, which shows that users want the mobile site to support the swipe design.

The redesign also features the “image of the day” card and shows all the relevant info’s about the image as well. It also shows “Bing rewards”, popular news itsms and features some minor improvements also.

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