New Age Beverages Corp (NASDAQ:NBEV) To Generate More Revenues After Striking Deal With US Military

The expansion of the portfolio of healthy beverages into all of the Military Commissaries around the globe is the most recent move by New Age Beverages Corp (NASDAQ:NBEV). The company made the announcement today citing that it will be doing more in line with serving consumers around the world with a wide range of alternatives across all its brands.

A new distribution agreement has been struck and if everything goes according to plan then New Age will be able to move a notch higher in terms of achieving even greater financial well being.

The Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) has its headquarters at Fort Lee, VA, and has over the years engaged in the operation of a global chain of commissaries delivering groceries to military retirees, the ones on duty as well as their families with the safest and most secure shopping environment.

The military family requires a lot of support and it is crucial o ensure that it receives military benefits and pay in good time. Commissaries happen to be quite instrumental in this particular regard. Asides from this, the Commissaries move along way in the making of contributions to family readiness, in the recruiting and retaining of great minds as well as in the enhancement of life for those that work in the U.S Military.

A person familiar with the matter opined, “New Age’s expanded distribution of its entire portfolio was accomplished in large part because of the Company’s one-stop-shop portfolio model of healthy beverages. Major partners, distributors and retailers can work with one trusted company of scale to provide all their needs as consumers.”

New Age has also moved ahead to disclose that it has plans underway to start activating the in store in most of its outlets and the target will be spearhead awareness among consumers. If everything goes according to plan, most of the products from New Age will be displayed in several locations in each of the commissaries.

A former US Military Officer and West Point graduate, Brent Willis who is the current Chief Executive Officer of New Age Beverages exuded confidence in outlining that it was indeed a major initiative on the part of the military.



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