New, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Shop Showcases “Shark Tank” And Up-Coming Brands

The competition in the e-commerce industry has crossed all the limits. Companies are trying to attract customers not only through attractive offers, but through new products inclusion as well. In this series,, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has announced that all of its users will now be able to shop through one more store called Amazon Exclusives.

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Insights On The Matter:

The newly launched Amazon Exclusives will include various brands that are yet to be launched in the market. Those users who have a fascination towards world-class brands, they will be able to enjoy numerous products, including ones that were previously launched on Shark Tank, popular TV show. The primary reason for the inclusion of this new store is nothing but to capitalize the prevailing market conditions.

Customers tend to get a taste of each and every new product when it is launched in the market for the first time. They want to try it at every cost, which means that if these products are launched for the first time on Amazon, then customers will automatically turn towards the e-commerce giant. It will not only enhance the revenues in near future, but also bring more and more new customers on board. At a time when the entire e-commerce industry is going through a tough time, this decision will help the company to maintain its sales and revenues without compromising with the service quality.

The idea of launching this new store under the name Amazon Exclusives is that all the products that are available at this store will be exclusive. In other words, either they will be found on their parent company’s website or Amazon’s website. One of the products available at this store is Zackees LED Turn Signal Glove, which facilitates cyclists to talk to each other while they are on different cycles. There are many such products available on Amazon Exclusives, and many more to be added in the coming days.

Standley Adam

Standley Adam

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