No Account Needed For Periscope Users to Sign in on Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has announced some new features including streaming video app and an ability to sign in without an account for the Periscope users. The free service will be available only for the users of Periscope. Twitter has been in the market just over six weeks and that is why this development has surprised many. According to the post in the Medium, the updates will be free for all the users of the Team Periscope and were signed by the Team members.

Twitter Up with New Features

The Twitter users made several requests about improving the features and accordingly the social site has introduced some very new features. Some of them include the ability to change the profile pictures from the default image of the Periscope and making replying to the chat messages easier during broadcasting. Another very important feature, which everyone has been asking, is clear marking if a particular person has been blocked.

 Changing the photo has become much easier now with the added features. All you have to do is to tap on the profile avatar and the photo will change. You have the choice to either choose from, your Camera Roll or even shoot a very new photo. Earlier the Twitter account required you to especially sign up for Periscope, now you do not need to do so.

Although Periscope will still insist the existing users to sign up using the Twitter account, now you have the option of signing up entering our phone number. Replying to the comments has also become much easier now. You can comment or reply, by just tapping on the comment and the reply button, after which you can see the person’s response along with the @handle Replies indicated by an arrow.

Whenever a broadcast will be blocking a participant during the broadcast, a message will be posted to the chat room revealing the block. Other important changes from Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) include Twitter verified badges in the search, and user section, the list of followers by date, and more.

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