Novavax, Inc. (NASDAQ:NVAX) Progress In Major Pipeline Areas

Traders News Source issued a report with no obligation on clinical stage biotech firm Novavax, Inc. (NASDAQ:NVAX). The firm’s Matrix-M™ adjuvant and recombinant nanoparticles technology is the base for advanced innovation that enhances international health through effective and safe vaccines.

The details

On November 7, Novavax reported results for the quarter closed September 30, 2017, posting a net loss of $44.6 million, for Q3 2017, versus $66.3 million, for Q3 2016. Revenue in Q3 2017 came at $8.4 million, versus $3.2 million in the comparable period in 2016. This 158% jump was led by higher revenue posted under the 2015 BMGF grant of $89 million.

During the third quarter, the firm commenced and fully registered the Phase 1/2 clinical study of its NanoFlu vaccine candidate in older subjects, following remarkable data in preclinical challenge models. Provided this timing, the firm is well positioned to report top-line report from a Phase 1/2 clinical study of the NanoFlu vaccine candidate in a comparison with Fluzone HD before the close of 2017.

Novavax continues to make considerable progress in its RSV F Vaccine plan, showcased by the continued execution of the Phase III Prepare study for infants through maternal immunization. The firm is also assessing plans to perform a clinical study for older adults in 2018.

Currently, it is in an extremely comfortable spot with the clarity of the imminent catalysts along with respective timings. If the imminent data from the Phase 1/2 study does deliver as expected, then company would be well set for an accelerated nod from the FDA. That would indicate NanoFlu could be marketed as early as 2019 and become the prospective future market pioneer in this division.

That would be a relatively shorter time form a drug advancement perspective. Led by the factors stated above, analysts are seeing the current upward move as a strong sign of positive developments in the near term.

Brown Terrel

Brown Terrel

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