OHR Pharmaceutical Inc (NASDAQ:OHRP)’s Wet-AMD Potential Drug Fails Mid-Stage Study

OHR Pharmaceutical Inc (NASDAQ:OHRP) recently released the results of its Phase II IMPACT study, which was evaluating the combination therapy for wet-AMD. This is a kind of an eye condition, and is known as wet type of age-related macular degeneration. Wet-AMD can lead to permanent blindness in the lack of proper treatment. OHR Pharmaceutical’s study failed to live up to its own goals and the experimental drug, OHR-102 remained unsuccessful in the mid-stage study.

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Plans of late-stage study only after evaluation of responses

The study targets to find out the combination of company’s drug called OHR-102 with Roche Holding Ltd. (ADR) (OTCMKTS:RHHBY)’s drug, Lucentis. This combination, the two companies believe, can be the potential treatment meant to reinstate the patient’s condition.

The New York-based drugmaker said that it shall take up the plans for late-stage study only after evaluating all the diverse responses of OHR-102 in the patients.

The study revealed that lesser number of patients received greater benefits from the two drugs combination. The company however revealed that the optimistic impact on the visual sharpness in classic choroidal neovascularisation (or CNV) was observed early during the treatment. This continued till the last. OHR Pharmaceutical says that it is indicating that the plans of its Phase III development program could be carried out.

The IMPACT Study

The IMPACT study conducted by OHR Pharmaceutical was done for duration of nine months. This was the Phase II clinical trial, in which, efficacy and safety of the drug OHR-102 was studied in combination with Lucentis PRN.

OHR Pharmaceutical Inc (NASDAQ:OHRP)’s Chief Medical Officer and retina specialist, Dr. Jason Slakter said that the final data revealed a picture of clinically meaningful and positive effect. The benefit shall remain consistent with ancient combination therapy experiments and OHR-102. He added that after the availability of complete data of this study, the underlying factors are being studied. The analysis will help the company in optimizing the designing of Phase III trial.

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