Romney and Obama Prepare For Presidential Election Debate

Republican Party Vice President Nominee, Paul Ryan and current vice president of Democratic Party, Joe Biden campaigned for ballots at the weekend in political battlefield states. Their running mates, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama took a day off the campaign path on Saturday ahead of their anticipated debate on Wednesday.

Former Massachusetts Government Romney and President Obama will face each other on October3 inDenver, Colorado, for the first time out of three live telecast arguments is considered to be very important in the course of the November 6 US presidential election.

According to political analysts, Barack Obama, who holds a small lead in many statewide and national voting, spent one day at the White House without holding any public events. He took off toNevadaon Sunday and he is going to prepare for intense debate plans with his advisers.

The republican nominee, Mitt Romney was at his son Tagg’s house inBostonheadedDenveron Monday, where he’ll engage in discussion about debate grounding with his consultants. The contender’s absence from the campaign trail left the limelight and Ryan and Biden will face off on Oct 11.

Joe Biden was vital of the Wisconsin congressman during the campaign inFt. Meyers,Florida, which is a state of a large population of seniors and wealthy store of voters. The campaign of President Barack Obama too woos senior citizens by warning that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan management would make essential modifications for the elder citizens, especially the health care insurance program.

Joe Biden said Paul Ryan, whose financial plan was approved by the White House officials, included sharp cuts in social events supported by Democratic representatives, explained how Republicans would rule if they won the House. Joe Biden said by picking Ryan, Governor Romney made the clear definition to the vague affirmations he was making during his movements. He picked Paul Ryan as he does represent the ideal face of White House Republican Party.

Joe Biden and Barack Obama have sought after to represent themselves as typical-bearers for the middle class category, including elder and poor citizen who depend on Government programs, such as Social Security and Medicare.

Paul Ryan during his campaign in New Hampshire said that he and Mitt Romney are more serious dealing with United Sates economic woes and said, they can’t afford to waste another 4 years, scarring the elderly.

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