Romney Criticizes Obama’s Present Foreign Policy and his Comments on Anti-U.S Protests!

Recently, the Republican Party’s campaigning against the present U.S President Obama’s foreign policy has been again led by Mitt Romney, who greatly criticized the present U.S head for illustrating the United States ambassador slaughter as just a “bump in the road”.

The latest criticism from Romney came since Obama again modified the words he used to illustrate the recent molest, which happened nearly 2-weeks before in Benghazi, and which he told was not simply a gang action when he emerged on the public view for the first time after the incident with his spouse Michelle.

The main advisers of the GOP Challenger recently informed that the most recent unrest occurred in the areas of Middle East has actually made common electorate openly grill the U.S President’s foreign policy official documents. The most upsetting event was the recent attack on the United States consulate on 11th September in Benghazi city, which murdered U.S ambassador Chris Stevens, and 3 other U.S citizens.

In fact, Mr. Romney was not the only Republican Party supporter who had openly questioned, and criticized Mr. Obama on the nation’s present foreign policy. The House Majority Head, Eric Cantor told that Israel persists to discover itself always on the accepting end of very unkind language by the White House and the U.S President.

The National Republican Party’s Senatorial Commission also made confronts to Democratic contenders in many contests to distribute their point of view on Mr. Obama’s comments in a discussion with CBS’s 60 Minutes recently. The U.S President was replying in the discussion when questioned whether the latest incidents that occurred in the parts of Middle East regions provided him a break for backing governments that acquired authority immediately followed  by the Arab Spring.

He answered that he had already long mentioned that incidents were expected to be rocky, and informed that it was totally the correct move for the government to align properly with the democratic system, and with the universal rights. Obama also said that he was almost very certain that there are more likely to be several sudden bumps in the path, since in this part of the world (Middle East), the single organizing principle has always been Islam.

Mitt Romney was very keen to discuss regarding this particular topic, stuffing interviews with nearly 3 different TV networks into his timetable, and reaching on the topic at the starting of a public meeting that was held in Pueblo, Colorado.

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