Royal Dutch Shell plc (ADR) (NYSE:RDS.A) Says It Plans To Move Drill Rigs To Seattle Despite Protests

Royal Dutch Shell plc (ADR) (NYSE:RDS.A) has announced that it will go ahead with its plans to relocate its oil drilling rigs to Seattle regardless of protests.

The legendary oil company claims that it has a legitimate lease which will give it the right to operate in Seattle’s terminal space. Shell also announced that it has a limited duration of time to set up its exploratory team for an oil drilling mission in the arctic region.

A few protestors converged at one the drilling rigs while the massive Noble Discoverer made its way made its way to Seattle.The company has another rig is docked on the Olympic peninsula in the port Of Los Angeles. The 400-foot rig which goes by the name Polar Pioneer will make it way to Seattle within a week. Shell expects that its arrival will attract even more protestors.

Shell’s plans are approaching the light of day as the company received some good news on Monday. The company is on schedule to begin its drilling mission in the Alaskan region within the summer season after receiving the go-ahead signal from the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.

The company obtained the approval after the bureau reviewed numerous comments from various groups affected either directly or indirectly by the drilling activities. However, Shell is not yet in the clear. The company still has to obtain more paperwork from federal agencies and the state before commencing.

In addition to the roadblocks that the company has been facing, some lobby groups against Shell’s drilling activities have vowed to push on their fight to keep the company from drilling.

One of Seattle City’s spokespersons said that the Port’s current land-use permit prohibits the use of the port as a convergence point for drilling rigs. Foss reported that the company is on its feet trying to appeal for the court to overrule of the permit’s limitation. In the meantime, the company plans on continuing with its operations.

Scott Sally

Scott Sally

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