, inc. (NYSE:CRM) Introduces New Customer Support Feature Service For Apps, inc. (NYSE:CRM) has unveiled a new set of tools called Service for Apps that is designed to bring in-app support for customers.

Service for Apps takes advantage of Salesforce cloud services to embed multichannel customer service. The customer support features will even include live video chats where clients can engage in a face-time chat with the customer service agents. The company is also including a new service called Salesforce SOS. It is the first among the services to offer on-screen guidance from a customer service agent., inc. (NYSE:CRM) SOS service is similar to Amazon’s Amazon’s ‘Mayday’ button where the on-screen interactive video can be rendered on a one-way video. The company announced that the beta for the new services will be available later on this year. The beta will include a few additional features on the Service for Apps. It will also feature messaging support within the application. This will come in handy because users will not have to exit the apps. The Tap-to-Call will give app users access to phone support through the application.

Another support feature offered within the Service for Apps is Knowledge for Apps. It gives users access to knowledge or information from within the application. Finally, there is the Cases for Apps service where users can follow up on cases through the camera and location services. That way, users can report various cases and use the apps to follow up. They can even get notifications once the case is resolved.

Of course, the services will be priced. For example, users can subscribe to Salesforce SOS for $150 per month. The rest of the services will be featured on the beta that will be available before the end of the year. Salesforce will also announce the pricing once they are available. The company announced that customers who want to subscribe to the private beta can gain access by contacting their account executives. Salesforce plans to use these services to improve the overall customer service quality.

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