Sony Corp (ADR)(NYSE:SNE) Launches Play Station Vue

There are competitors in the market, and there are trendsetters as well, Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) belongs to the second category when it comes to Television manufacturing industry. The company has come up with its latest PlayStation Vue streaming video service. As per the reports, it will be launched in three cities initially and in other parts of the world. PS3 and PS4 users in Philadelphia, New York and Chicago will be able to use this service before the rest of the world.

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Insights On Matter:

Once the service hits the entire nation, Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) will target around 35 million console users who are at risk of stop playing games at traditional TVs. The service will be first of its kind in the market and will offer a new experience to all the users.

What’s The Pricing Range:

The company has launched this service in three price ranges. The basic service is available at $49.99 for first 50 popular broadcast channels. If users decide to upgrade their services, then they will have to pay extra for that. As per the reports, the price is $10 for the basic channels and local sports. Those users who are interested in elite service will have to pay $69.99 for the core service in addition to music, lifestyle and family channels. The pack includes prominent channels like Cooking Channel and CNBC World.

Even though it looks like an ordinary TV service, but experts claim that its way advance than what users can imagine. The prime most things that give it advantage over other TV-Over-Internet Services are its capacity to store data on the cloud. According to Andrew House, Chief Executive Officer, Sony Computer Entertainment, the world has entered into a different era. Today, PlayStation users want to watch a lot of programs on TV, but they hardly get the desired content online. The newly launched PlayStation Vue streaming video service of the company will address their needs in an effective way.

David Barry

David Barry

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