Stereotaxis Inc (NASDAQ:STXS) Gets Success In Remote Magnetic Ablation Procedures

The shares of thinly traded Stereotaxis Inc (NASDAQ:STXS) surged during the previous trading session while there was not significant development reported to drive the prices. The latest update from the company came last month, when it reported positive clinical data for remote magnetic navigation platform’s success in addressing atrial fibrillation.

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Two Groups: Local Anesthesia And General Anesthesia

The clinical study conducted in association with Princess Grace Hospital of Monaco returned findings that further build trust for Stereotaxis Inc (NASDAQ:STXS)’s technologies. The company’s technology helped to deliver faster, extremely efficient outcomes through dynamic catheter control, particularly for left atrial ablation. The study took place at the Princess Grace Hospital Cardiac Centre in Monaco and included 90 patients in the study. The clinical trial aimed to find out the acute success and recurrence rate in between patients administered with general anesthesia from those who were given local anesthesia, during a remote magnetic ablation procedure for persistent atrial fibrillation. As per studies of manual ablation, patients given general anesthesia showed superiors results over those who were given local anesthesia.

Success Rate And Results Accomplished

But, on utilization of Stereotaxis Inc (NASDAQ:STXS)’s Niobe (R) ES system with Vdrive (R) robotic navigation system, there was no meaningful clinical differences found in between general and local anesthesia. This is unlike the results returned during manual ablation procedures. Both the groups of patient reported 100% acute success rates while the follow-up results too came positive. After a year of follow-up, the general anesthesia group was 86.6% free from arrhythmias without the use of antiarrhythmic drugs. While the figure stood at 88.8% for local anesthesia group.

The company has earned a repute to design robotic cardiology instrument navigation systems that augment the treatment of arrhythmias and other coronary diseases. The shares of Stereotaxis Inc (NASDAQ:STXS) ended the last session at $2.15, indicating a surge of 23.56% or $0.41.

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