Stereotaxis Inc (NASDAQ:STXS) Stereotaxis Remote Magnetic Navigation Tops 75,000 Procedures

Stereotaxis Inc (NASDAQ:STXS) announced that it has passed 75,000 procedures using its Stereotaxis remote magnetic navigation technology. The technology makes it possible to safely and efficiently facilitate complex cardiac ablation. The company has fourth-generation remote navigation system that combines with its Niode ES system. These were originally launched in late 2011. When placed with its Vdrive robotic navigation system and Odyssey solutions it creates the Epoch Solution. This system is a completely remote electrophysiology platform. The total Niobe system is currently installed in 177 locations across the globe. It is also supported by more than 200 publications that are reviewed by the company’s peers.

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More Developments

Stereotaxis Inc (NASDAQ:STXS) will also present the latest information and successes at the International AF Symposium. Clinical data for the robotic system will be featured at the three-day show in Orlando, FL. The show is in its 20 year and attracts the world’s top medical scientists, allowing them to discuss advances in the line of atrial fibrillation. The show will be moderated by the Director of the Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute. Many of the presenters are considered the world’s best authorities in the Arrhythmia field. The discussions will include how the latest developments of Stereotaxis have improved the success of ablation programs.

What They Do

Stereotaxis Inc (NASDAQ:STXS) is a leader in the robotic cardiology instrument industry and their products are designed to improve the treatment of arrhythmias and coronary disease. They also offer information management products for intervention labs worldwide. Their Stereotaxis platform currently has over 100 patents and have passed regulatory scrutiny in Japan, China, the US and Canada, among other countries. They also offer their Odyssey portfolio that includes lab optimization, networking and patient management tools. Their V-Loop, V-CAS and V-Sono products have already received clearance in the US.


The stock is currently at support t $2.60. The next band of resistance appears at $3.50. The next level above that is the 52-week high. If the stock can hold current levels it should make a move at the top soon.

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