Sysorex Global Holdings Corp (NASDAQ:SYRX): How Far So Far?

The management of Sysorex Global Holdings Corp (NASDAQ:SYRX) must be happy as 2014 draws to a conclusion because of the remarkable achievements in the year. The company went public successfully, and they have acquired several businesses. Key members have also been added to the company’s management team. However, the question remains about whether shareholders are happy as well.

Technical analyst have identified strong buy signals in SYRX.

Whether shareholders of Sysorex are happy or not with the progress so far depend on how one chooses to judge things. However, there are key issues worth noting because of their bearing on how the company may perform in the future.

Financial docket

In October this year, Sysorex Global Holdings Corp (NASDAQ:SYRX) announced Will Frederick, a veteran of over 25 years in matters of corporate finance, as its CFO. Frederick replaced Wendy Loundermon, who moved to become the VP of Finance.

Having people of repute in the finance docket is important in more than a few ways. There is the issue of lender confidence among the benefits. That is something that didn’t obviously didn’t escape the attention of Sysorex Global Holdings Corp (NASDAQ:SYRX)’s top leadership in tapping Frederick.

Room for growth

Besides talent acquisition, Sysorex Global Holdings Corp (NASDAQ:SYRX) also has this year tried to make three strategic acquisitions. Although revenue has not moved up even with the acquisitions, there appears to be room for growth.

According to analysts, if there is something that makes Sysorex Global Holdings Corp (NASDAQ:SYRX) a stock worth watching is its AirPatrol business. The potential of AirPatrol is huge, which means that growth is inevitable if the company can attract deals for the business. Currently, revenue from AirPatrol is small because there are no good deals in place.

Financial highlight

Revenue at Sysorex Global Holdings Corp (NASDAQ:SYRX) has been on a downward trend this year. The company had revenue of $16.31 million in 1Q2014. The figure declined to $14.8 million in 2Q and then fell further to $14.3 million in 3Q.

It disclosed $2.7 million in the treasury at the end of 3Q. That was below $4.93 million in the previous quarter.

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