Teradata Corp. (NYSE:TDC) Announce Digital Marketing Capability on Facebook

The Marketing Applications Division of Teradata Corp. (NYSE:TDC), the big marketing and data analytics applications company has announced the launch of digital marketing capability on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). The new capability will be made available to all the users across the globe. It will enable proper deliverance of the most targeted advertising on Facebook, which the marketers use as an omni-channel and an integrated solution.

This solution gels the social advertising with the web, mobile and email. The main intention of the digital marketers is to reach the right customer segment. However, most of these marketers lack the ability to make use of the valuable insight data about the customers. The contextual ads on the sites of the social medias help to target the existing segment of the audience.

It is important to influence the consumer insights wherever they exist in a relevant way and even there where it is considered annoying, interruptive or even not welcomed. In this context, the offering from Teradata is noteworthy. The tool helps the marketers carry out integrated digital campaigns to reach the audience belonging to similar segments across the complete omni-channel program.

The new advertising capability introduced by Teradata in the Digital Marketing Center helps the marketers to make use of the valuable customer data for creating Facebook Custom Audiences matching the existing segment.

Improves the Campaigns of Marketers on Facebook

The social advertising capability from Teradata adds more improvements and features to the Facebook campaigns of the marketers by making available more nuanced targeting of the prospects and the customers. This targeting is highly relevant and contextual and not at all intrusive. That is why; the outcome is revenue-producing and relevant ads, which are optimized for gaining best results and investments.

With this new solution, it will be possible for the marketers to expand their reach and even generate more leads using the encrypted data related to the most valuable segments of the customer and engage new users of Facebook as their customers.

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