Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Reports Its Best Sales Data In The First Quarterly Report

Rather than following others’ footprints, Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) is one of those companies that like to set records for others to follow. It doesn’t report the monthly car sales data like most other auto makers, but the latest of its announcements has shown that Tesla is way ahead than others. Reports claim that Tesla delivered 10,030 cars to end users during the Q12015.

Have analyst identified a ongoing trend in TSLA?

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The EV builder claims that all the future information about the company will be posted on its platform within a few days of the announcement. Even though the current Tesla sale seems to be overestimated in China, but still the figure is something that was never achieved in the past. As per the reports, the current sales figure is 55% more than the one achieved by the company in 1Q2014.

The major problem with the numbers made public by the company is that they don’t provide break-up of the car models. The company has not yet spoken anything about its super ambitious self driven cars that how long it will take to launch them? When Tesla CEO Elon Musk set the entire world on fire by announcing about AWD P85Ds recently at a public event. He said that Tesla would look forward to launching the new self-driven range of cars in the near future, which would change the entire definition of driving.

The newest offering of the company will come with autopilot feature, similar to aircrafts. If the driver is on highway or stuck in traffic, then he can start the auto pilot mode and allow the car to take control over the ride. The first glimpse of Tesla’s new car was caught a few days back in New York, when it was put for testing.

It’s just the starting of 2015, and there is a long way to go for Tesla. With the launch of its self driven cars, the sales figure might go a lot higher than the one posted by the company now.

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