Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Shares Plunge On Deutsche Bank’s Comments Over Bullish Battery Talks

Not more than three days are left before Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) will make public its newest offering i.e. a very large utility scale battery and home battery. Monday was a dream day for the company as its shares witnessed 6.01% surge and touched $231.55. As per the reports, the prices elevated after the analysts of Deutsche Bank stated that commercial power sector and the domestic market was ready to touch newer heights.

Analyst identify potential hold signals in TSLA.

Road Ahead:

Tesla shares a healthy relation with the leading solar energy service provider SolarCity. Experts claim that the primary focus of the event that will take place on Thursday is likely to be on the stationary storage market. The share prices of Tesla continued its upward inclination and rose by another 0.5% in after-hours trading to close the day at $232.70. According to Rod Lache and other teammates of Deutsche Bank, Tesla hasn’t provided enough information about their future offerings in this market; therefore, it’s difficult to comment. Even though nothing can be said with confidence until Tesla clears the air, but the preliminary work suggests that this step has a lot more potential than Wall Street expects.

Tesla’s Chief Executive Elon Musk is the Chairman of SolarCity Corp. As per the reports, Tesla is working hard to coming up with a massive battery production plant in Nevada which will be run by Panasonic Corp; a Japanese firm that supplies batteries to Tesla. After electric cars and next generation utility vehicles, energy sector seems to be the next target point for Tesla. The company wants to prepare itself in such a way that it can reap the profits if this industry takes off ever in the future.

The next week is going to be very important for Tesla and its shareholders as the company will release financial results for the previous quarter on May 6, 2015. Investors can expect any announcement related to its outlook about energy sector on the very same day.

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