TrovaGene Inc. (NASDAQ:TROV) Launches Urine Collection And DNA Preservation Kit; NextCollect

Clinical research laboratories and pharmaceutical customers can now access NextCollect urine collection and DNA preservation kit. However, this will only be for research use at least for now according to TrovaGene Inc. (NASDAQ:TROV), which owns the kit. The NextCollect, which is now available to both existing contracted clients and to new customers enhances the collection of high-volume, non-invasive urine sample as well as isolation of DNA.

NextCollect will be offered through an online ordering web distribution portal

There is a lot to write home about NextCollect, which is said to have the potential to expand the utility of nucleic acid testing from urine. Some of the situations it is expected to handle include oncology, virology and a wide range of infectious diseases.

NextCollect is one of its kind and it preserves DNA for up to 2 weeks at room temperature. It accommodates close to 250 mL of volume in its urine collection cup. The good thing about it is that it directly fits into standard centrifuge system. It is now being directed for Research Use Only (RUO) and not for diagnostic procedures.

Chief Executive Officer of Trovagene, Bill Welch expresses a lot of optimism about the kit. All systems have been put in place to make it easy to access. For example, it will be accessible through an online distribution portal.

Welch says, “We look forward to making NextCollect broadly available to academic researchers, clinical research institutions and pharmaceutical companies to support the demand for extracting DNA from urine for many nucleic acid testing applications.”

About Trovagene

The company develops oncology therapeutics, which in return offer improved cancer care. Clearly, the scientific world is expanding rapidly. For example, Trovagene has broad intellectual property and proprietary technology, meant to measure circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in urine and blood. The process helps in the identification and quantification of clinically-actionable markers.

Apart from offering PCM technology at its CLIA/CAP – accredited laboratory, the company is planning to have its DNA Isolation Buffer Kits available in early 2018. Given that the kits support the isolation of pre and post-renal cell-free DNA and RNA, there should also be a lot more to expect in the future from the DNA preservation kit.

Culver Stinson

Culver Stinson

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