Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Acquires And Shutters Developer-Tracking Service tenXer

TenXer the performance improving web service for programmers has been acquired by Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR).

Are expert analyst predicting a future consolidation of TWTR?

TenXer was started in 2011 and was based in San Francisco. The service has an appealing portfolio of investors, ranging from Google ventures, the founder’s fund, true ventures, Social + Capital partnership and a few others.

The web service had been offering a good platform for developers to express their skills as well as allowing managers to view the undertakings of their programmers. Jeff Ma,who is the founder and chief executive of tenXer released the news over email. He expressed the happiness of his team in joining the Twitter team. He also expressed how ecstatic he and his team were with the continuation of their mission on such a big scale with an industry giant.

The acquisition will render a lot of changes to TenXer. Changes are already underway and, therefore, their services will not be available to their customers towards the end of this week. Paying customers will also be refunded.

More from this new development has been slowly forthcoming though TenXer’s former Vice President JP Patil did confirm the news. He posted an announcing statement of the acquisition on his LinkedIn profile. Twitter’s PR also directed a confirmation of the acquisition to Jeff Ma’s tweet.

TenXer’s website was however still operational as contact information was still being accepted. However, some aspects of the website have ceased working.

Twitter gained interest with the application services from the basic concept of taking data from the different platforms such as JIRA, GitHub, and pivotal tracker. Charts developed, and activity reports generated from this collective data creates an array of information that is useful to everyone on the development team.

The service gives managers comprehensive data to gauge the performance and understand the processes easier before engaging with a specific programmer.

The good performance and potential of TenXer has brought it this far. Receiving recognition from an A-list company and even being acquired is proof enough of the increasing potential of TenXer to make more impact in the future.

Cook Laurie

Cook Laurie

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