Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Releases The New Retweet With Comment Feature

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has released its “retweet with comment” feature. The new feature allows the user to embed a tweet in their tweets without eating up space in the 140 character platform. The new feature is a way to get around the 140 character limit. The feature can be accessed on Twitter’s website and iPhone app and will soon be available on Android app.

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Previously users embedded the tweets by cutting and pasting its URL, with the “retweet with comment” the same can be done with a button. The new feature has been received well by Twitter users. The new feature, however, cannot embed the full retweet and comment.

The new feature serves the function of allowing people to share and comment without having to shorten their tweets due to 140 character limit. This means that the context and meaning of the tweet is preserved.

It also appears that “retweet and comment” feature might replace the “quote tweet” option. The latter often requires the user to shorten the original tweet.

On the flip side, the whole novelty of Twitter was to force people to be imaginative and brief due to word limits, which might be a bit compromised by the new feature. Many users have been creating ways to get around the character limit. These users found that Twitter was a superior way for public communication than a blog. This can be seen in “tweet storm”, which was derided initially but has grown without any signs of stopping.

A popular way of getting around Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) was to post screenshots of quotes from articles. This led to the creation of app OneShot, which was made as a side project by Jason Goldman, a former Twitter veteran.

With products like TwitLonger and JumboTweet, users have been using services that allowed the user to get the character at Twitter.

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