Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) Offers Better Fan Experience In Sports Stadiums Through StadiumVision 4.0

In order to give a more fulfilling experience to the fans at entertainment and sports venue, Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) has introduced StadiumVision 4.0 with richer and more engaging content. The new Cisco StadiumVision® 4.0 shall be included to 4K screens and will be the more modular and extensible version of IPTV solution. The first consumers of this latest solution by Cisco are Etihad Stadium and Allianz Stadium in Australia, where the Internet of Everything grasps the venues.

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The aforementioned stadiums are the leaders in international entertainment and sports arenas and they shall be implementing Cisco’s centrally-operated and handled solution. Through thissolution, the two stadiums will be able to deliver tailor-made content through the network of Cisco® Connected Stadium, and this content will be dynamic and customized.

The Greatest Advantage: Better Fan Experience and Added Revenue Streams

This latest edition of the StadiumVision© is launched to address the demand of this highly productive industry, which sought for the better visual and dynamic experience. This will not just be useful in enhancing the fan experience, but also introduce new streams of additional revenues for sports venues. The revenues will be driven through tailor-made content and targeted advertising.

Also, the new solution offered by Cisco will help in offering better broadcast quality, scrolling scores and tickers. This will also offer supported Luma-Key effects. All in all, the entire system and the latest technology will help the fans at the venues, in getting the most forceful presentations and interactive experiences.

Not to forget an important factor, the teams have tasted the fruits of whooping revenue growth that is fetched from this solution. The new edition of Cisco’s solution will further aggravate the business opportunities for teams and the sports and entertainment venues. Branding, sponsorship, targeted advertising and promotions will all play a vital role in driving greater revenues for the venues as well as the teams.

Until now, there are over 275 venues across 35 countries that make use of the customized solutions of Cisco.

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