Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Sits Atop The Social Media Hill; But U.S. Teens Also Turning To Instagram, Snapchat: Survey

In a recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, it has been found that even though Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is sitting at the top position of the social media ocean, but the younger generation is keenly diversifying its social portfolio by picking other platforms as well. A survey was conducted for 1000 adolescents and it was found that while 71% of these people were using FB, a large population was also making use of Instagram, the photo sharing app. 41% of the population was using Snapchat, which immediately deletes the video or photos after a user has seen them.

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The Important Observation

The Associate Director of this research, Amanda Lenhart explains that Facebook is undoubtedly a vital platform for the teenagers, but almost half of the teens have strongly held their attention into Instagram as well as Snapchat. According to her, there are quite interesting differentials as far as the frequently-visited social podiums are concerned. In the research, it was found that while the teens with lower income were mostly always using Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), the wealthier ones were more often using Snapchat and Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR), apart from FB.

Survey highlights

The method used in this survey was Web-based interview. Therefore, according to the pollsters, it is not possible to compare the results of this survey accurately with the previous ones. Some of the major highlights of this research include:

  • 24% of the teens are “almost constantly” online
  • 73% of the teens have smartphone access
  • 91% of the teens use their mobile devices to go online
  • 71% of the teens in the age group of 13-17 years are using FB
  • 52% of the teens are using Instagram, 41% are using Snapchat and 33% are on Twitter

Co-founder of MediaSpike, John McCrea says that it is not surprising to see that the teens are exploring all kinds of new tools on social media, and are also embracing them. These teens belong, after all, to the social media era.

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