Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Introduces New Feature To Notify To Push Notify You Of Top Tweets On Its Android App.

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) launched a new feature that will give priority to the best tweets or the social network’s users. The feature will be available for the social network’s Android platform.

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The feature will be a welcome addition to users who usually have to refresh a few times just to try and see the tweets they missed. It makes it easier as because the application will now have an algorithm that makes it possible to classify and give the best tweets priority. Of course, there have to be a few considerations for each user’s preference.

 The algorithm used in the new feature will consider popular conversations that a user follows. It will also consider popular tweets within the user’s network, not forgetting the popular tweets within the same network. In general, it will work based on the tweets within individual networks.

The users of the application are expected to receive a two notifications about the prioritized tweets twice a day. Additional things to note is the fact that each prioritized tweet will have a time stamp, so they will be placed based on a time frame.

To activate the feature, users have to visit the settings and select on the options. Currently the feature is only available to Android users and is also available in English only. Twitter expects to expand it to other platforms as soon as the pilot phase is successful on the Android platform.

Twitter released this new feature in the wake of constant pressure for improvement especially considering rival network Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). The rival has been making constant improvements to boost user experiences such as the improved privacy settings and the video feature. Twitter’s new initiative can be put in comparison with Facebook’s recent move to improve news feeds.

The two social networks have been in a constant competition for market domination. The competition seems to be advantageous to users because it is pushing for an improved user experience. One might say the two complement each other despite the cut throat competition.

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