Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ:CY) Launches Highly Responsive Automotive Truetouch Controller

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ:CY) recently launched the Automotive TrueTouch Controller to offer better performance to the car owners. Technically called CYAT8168X, the TrueTouch Capacitive is the touch-sensing feature offered by the company to the automotives. The solution is at the sampling stage as of now and shall come into the markets in the physical form in Q1 2016.

AutoArmor technology of Cypress

CYAT8168X is the product rooting from the proprietary technology called AutoArmor technology that solely belongs to Cypress Semiconductor Corporation. It is because of this technology that the automotives like trucks, buses and cars are safeguarded against electromagnetic interference or EMI that is generally found in these vehicles. The new controllers being offered by Cypress are based on processors with specification 32-bit ARM ARMH Cortex M-Core. It is this processor that is renowned for its effectiveness regarding MIPS/mW.

Also, another patented technology of Cypress, called DualSense has been used in the new controllers so as to allow mutual-capacitance as well as self-capacitance measurements.

What the users get out of new Automotive TrueTouch Controller?

The new technology enables the users to maximize its use. The way user experience has been considered is evident from the fact that Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ:CY) allows even the gloved hands to make efficient use of the devices, thus allowing everyone to access touchscreen even with their gloves.

What more? The users are also given the facility to access touchscreen device in their automotives with wet fingers. The use of Cypress technology enables water rejection, which means that the touchscreen remains unaffected with sweat, condensation and water droplets.

The TrueTouch products offered by the company are considered as one of the best performing and most effective ones as far as touchscreen intelligent property (IP) selection is concerned. The solutions are available in multi-touch, two finger-touch and single touch capabilities. These can be found for screen sizes ranging from 1.5” to 10.1”.

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