Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Shocks Competitors With The Announcement Of Backwards Compatibility For Xbox One

Last week, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) announced that Xbox One would feature backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 video game titles.

The announcement was made at the Xbox one E3 conference where the company showcased the latest developments and upcoming blockbuster titles. The reveal came as a surprise to the gaming community as well as the rival company, Sony, who had also held an equally exciting E3 conference. When the two next generation consoles made their debut in 2013, backwards compatibility was out of the question, meaning players could not play their Xbox 360 titles on the Xbox One. The same also applied for the PlayStation 4.

At the time, Sony had the edge over Microsoft because they did not have a restriction over offline gaming for more than 24 hours unlike the new console from Microsoft. Additionally, the PlayStation 4 had a fairer price compared to the Xbox one. Microsoft had additional restrictions on used games meaning users would have to purchase their own games.

Since the two gaming consoles were introduced, there has been a constant battle for supremacy. Both are equally powerful and have very little difference in performance. However, the battle goes beyond software and hardware. The variety of content available has been a major issue for the two rival firms. They have both been working hard to bring exclusive content on board. Exclusive titles are usually aimed at pulling the gamers towards a particular side.

This year, both companies featured quite an impressive selection making it hard to have a particular favorite. Sony has been putting up a massive fight against Xbox, but Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has decided to make a comeback with backwards compatibility that was previously thought to be impossible.

It is unlikely that Sony will also include backwards compatibility for its new generation console. This is mainly because Sony has been paying too much attention to PlayStation Now. It is also unclear which Xbox 360 titles will be supported. However, it is god news for gamers as they wait to see how Sony will retaliate.

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