Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ:CY) Unveils Debut Blog; New CEO To Communicate Directly Through Blog

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ:CY) CEO, T.J. Rodgers has decided to give his insights about management, business and technology through his recently launched blog. The company announced that the new blog shall be a regular one wherein the President and CEO of Cypress Semiconductor Corporation shall post his update once or twice in a month. This shall be a direct communication of the CEO with the audience, which is most likely to include investors, clients and of course, media.

The new blog: Where to find it?

On the official website of Cypress Semiconductor Corp., one can easily find the “About Us” section. Beneath this section is a sub-section called “From the CEO.” It is here that the CEO’s blogs can be read. Apart from this, one can also find his blogs at or The blog is called T.J. Rodger’s blog and it is also available at the quarterly online magazine of Cypress Semiconductor Corp., Core & Code.

The first blog post from the CEO

In his first blog, the CEO explains about the company’s success of the designs. He also highlights the cross-selling victories of two teams that it achieved after merging with Spansion Inc. (NYSE:CODE). He also talks about the second quarter earnings report of Cypress Semiconductor Corp. As far as the repute of company after merger is concerned, the CEO adds that it has given them new plans as well as vision with signs of improved efficiency and innovation.

According to T.J. Rodgers, the blog has provided him a platform to communicate directly with the investors and customers. Also, he added, using both the technical blogs, Core & Code has enabled him in getting the luxury of writing. The company has recently had an upgraded website. Direct communication with the customers as well as investors through blog posts written by CEO is a practice adopted by many companies. This allows the company-customer-investor relation fostering, which is good for the company’s goodwill and repute in the market.

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