Viavi Solutions Inc (NASDAQ:VIAV) Introduces NITRO™

Viavi Solutions Inc (NASDAQ:VIAV) introduced the first intelligence offering that automatically offers real-time measurement and test data from network instruments to software-based planning, assurance, optimization and provisioning applications.

The buzz

VIAVI’s NITRO™ platform helps enterprises and service providers reduce complexity and costs while enhancing performance across the entire network lifecycle. Working conveniently across mobile, cable, cloud, enterprise and fiber networks, this platform enhances the value of existing investments in VIAVI software solutions and instruments, presently deployed by more than 200 network operators internationally. Using their existing VIAVI installed base allows consumers to cost-effectively run their migration from current’s static network deployments to next-gen, policy-based automated dynamic systems. The first offering in this new group is NITRO vNet Fusion providing virtual test, performance monitoring and service activation.

Communications networks globally are striving to fulfill customer demand for services that are connected across all touchpoints and devices, always on and always available. The race is on to offer gigabit internet via DOCSIS 3.1, Gfast and FTTH, and over mobile networks. To evolve these systems while managing costs and growing revenues, the industry is implementing hybrid IT, ultra-dense, cloud-enabled, massively scalable networks that are policy-based automated as well as virtualized, which can offer the required intelligence, high bandwidth and low latency to activate these ubiquitous services in the coming period.

Depending on requirements from its client base of Tier-I service providers, network equipment manufacturers and enterprises, VIAVI has advanced NITRO™. It marks as the first intelligence offering that connects real-time activation data and testing data from network systems with software-based planning, optimization, provisioning and assurance applications and probes, establishing a novel end-to-end sight of the network lifecycle. In this approach, NITRO addresses the demands of today’s distinct business teams, and the progression to automated end-to-end service mechanism, in the same unique common platform.