‘Wedge’ Network Switch of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) To Be Put Forward For Sale

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) developed a network switch called ‘Wedge’ to execute things comfortably at its data centers. It has come a long way from the initial days; hence, the company is planning to put that switch for sale. The process will be executed by Taiwanese manufacturer Accton Technologies.

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It Started Four Years Ago:

The OCP was set up by Facebook around four years ago in order to facilitate various data center operators to collaborate on the latest design of hardware, which could be forwarded to low-cost manufacturers at a later date. The primary objective of this initiative was to cut down the cost and develop hardware that was cheaper and more standardized than the ones supplied by major giants like Cisco, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard.

Facebook has already employed ‘Wedge’ in its data centers, and if everything goes fine, then it will be available to others as well by the end of the first half. As per the reports, it will be supplied by Accton and its OEM partners. The information was shared by Jay Parikh, head of infrastructure division of Facebook.

In order to make things easier for all the buyers, Big Switch Networks and Cumulus Networks will provide software for this network switch. Facebook will even put some of its software on Github to ensure that all the users have world-class experience. The reports claim that Facebook won’t make any money from this hardware, and won’t use it to enter into the hardware business. Parikh stated that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) will make it available openly to for OCP members to get the benefit from it. The hardware will work as the open source model for all the companies.

The social media giant has also developed a new server named Yosemite, which will also be submitted to OCP in the coming months. It will keep sharing further details as and when some improvement is made.

Culver Stinson

Culver Stinson

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