Wendys Co (NASDAQ:WEN) Updates On Corporate Social Responsibility Progress

Wendys Co (NASDAQ:WEN) issued its yearly update on the strides taken to further company’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives related to its Family, Food and Community strategy. Through these successful plans, and other measures supported by the firm and its franchisees, the company has raised over $16 million for its Foundation and has hiked its cause-marketing fundraising by 32% since 2015.

The details

In September 2017, Wendys was privileged to be selected as the Enduring Impact – Gold Winner. This award was given by the International Franchising Association. Despite these initiatives, thousands of kids in foster care are looking to get a loving home. Until every kid has a forever family, the company will remain a major voice by raising awareness and funds for foster care adoption. It is evident that along with its core business, the company is also dedicatedly focused on CSR activities.

Wendy’s CSR-focused materials are easily accessible and available through the blog platform, The Square Deal, as well as at www.wendys.com. Both were redesigned early in this year. Showcased in a rationalized layout, and led by research and customer interest, Wendy’s CSR priorities can be accessed using top-level navigation under the label of “What We Value.” The Wendys Company is one of the leading hamburger restaurant chain. Its system comprises over 6,500 restaurants in 29 nations and U.S. territories.

In the last trading session, the stock price of Wendys declined 0.12% to close the day at $16.49. The stock has partially eroded its last week decline. The traded share volume in the last session was 5.45 million compared to average share volume of 3.33 million. After the recent decline, the market cap of firm was noted at $4 billion. The stock of Wendys have posted gains of more than 21% so far in this year. However, in the last five days the stock has declined 0.54%.

Brown Terrel

Brown Terrel

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