What Is Going On With Gevo Inc (NASDAQ:GEVO)?

Gevo Inc (NASDAQ:GEVO) reported that GE Aviation had started jet engine combustor element testing with a jet fuel constituted 100% of company’s renewable ATJ. The testing is being done as part of the FAA’s CLEEN. CLEEN is the FAA’s key environmental initiative to support the advancement of new aircraft, engine know-hows, and to develop sustainable alternative jet fuels, together with aviation industry pioneers such as GE Aviation.

The details

Specifically, this assessment is designed to allow the increased displacement of petroleum based jet fuel by bio-related alternative offerings. Bio-based hydrocarbon fuels exhibit similar performance features to the petroleum-based fuels utilized today, although with decreases in particulate matter as well as other air quality linked emissions. Certain bio-based jet fuels, like Gevo’s ATJ, have the prospect to enhance performance, like offering increased energy density which turns into better mileage.

GE Aviation marks as a part of General Electric, and is leading provider of components, integrated systems and jet engines for military and commercial aircraft. Dr. Gurhan Andac of GE Aviation reported that GE Aviation’s deal with the Gevo and FAA under CLEEN is a remarkable instance of their long-standing dedication to sustainable aviation. Initiatives such as this one are projected to assist accelerate the movement from petroleum-based fuels to environmentally friendly ones.

Dr. Patrick Gruber, the CEO of Gevo, reported that if they are truly going to lower their greenhouse gas emissions from aviation, they require to be able to substitute larger fractions of petroleum jet fuel with bio-based options like Gevo’s ATJ. The future is to substitute oil with bio-based hydrocarbons that mitigate GHG emissions, stimulate the economy, enhance sustainability and draw on plentiful resources. They want to thank the GE Aviation and FAA for their vision in advancing assignments like this one. Gevo is a major renewable technology, next generation biofuels and chemical products company.

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