What Is The Buzz Surrounding Buildablock Corp (OTCMKTS:BABL)?

Buildablock Corp (OTCMKTS:BABL) comes in the list of OTC traded companies that have moved into oblivion from quite some months. The company, owner of a digital shopping platform, which revolutionizes traditional online shopping, and its app ‘www.BUD-X.com’ for the recreational marijuana market, reported its last PR back in December 2014. Since then, there has been no news, pumps or updates on the company.

The buzz

The last PR issued in December reported that Buildablock Corp will be working together with a leading Digital-Coupon and Daily-Deal technology firm for advancement of a website known as “Socialbud” that will serve the Medical Marijuana market in Canada.

The company being able to crack this deal is the outcome of its “Crowd-Buying/Crowd-Selling” platform. It is designed to help those people who are seeking to buy medical marijuana and they want to avoid the problems of finding approved retail locations. Moreover, it is projected that the joint venture will offer both parties a stronger entry into the Canadian marijuana market.

The expert view

In the same PR, Gary Oberman, the CEO reported that it is a significant opportunity for both venture parties. It will help Buildablock realize the goal of service offering monetization. The management is thrilled to launch the new Socialbud venture on their BUD-X.com domain.

Buildablock.com comes in the list of online shopping platforms that intends to change the conventional form of online shopping. They bring together innovative ideas, such as wish lists, group discounts, online negotiations, and other unique factors that empower online shoppers to save money on the products they want to buy from the selected merchants.

Buildablock Corp (OTCMKTS:BABL) stock has been trading close to its lows after it started declining from its highs made earlier in 2014. The stock recorded a high of as much as $0.19, and then declined to $0.4. This year has been disastrous for BABL stock as it is now trading in double zero land at $0.00200.

Abbott Michael

Abbott Michael

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