What Is The Buzz Surrounding Sorrento Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:SRNE)?

Sorrento Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:SRNE) reported that Dr. Henry Ji, the CEO and Chairman, will share recent company information and developments in a panel discussion in the upcoming “East/West CEO” event in San Francisco, CA, starting from January 6, 2018. During the discussion, he will present the advancement of a proprietary non-viral CAR-T know-how that may fundamentally change the process of CAR constructs integration into T cells.

The details

This unique Sorrento CAR-T technology has by now been used preclinically to generate CD19 CAR-T and CD38 CAR-T cells. These cells have been assessed and matched against CAR-T cells produced using existing retrovirus transduction procedures. Dr. Ji stated that their data indicate that the non-virally produced CAR-T cells fared similarly to retrovirally transduced CAR-T cells with respect to CAR expression, production of cytokine, and cytotoxicity counter to target-expressing tumor cells.

This unique non-viral CAR-T know-how may provide numerous prospective benefits over current virus-based technology utilizing CAR gene-encoding lentivirus, adeno-associated virus or retrovirus to launch CAR constructs into allogeneic or cancer patient T cells.

These prospective benefits of Sorrento’s non-viral CAR-T know-how include site-specific incorporation of CAR constructs into a preselected point in the T cell genome; streamlined process for CAR construct generation without need for time-consuming and laborious CAR-encoding virus generation, validation and release procedures, leading in a shorter advancement timeline for IND preparation; prospective elimination of increased burden to patients of extended monitoring period for the lack of replication competent virus; applicability to both allogeneic and autologous CAR-T treatments; and reduced development timelines to get new CAR-T therapies quicker to patients in need.

Sorrento is intending on applying its unique non-viral CAR-T know-how to CAR-T programs for several solid tumor and hematological indications, counting but not limited to: lymphoma, multiple myeloma, sarcoma, liver cancer, glioma and pancreatic cancer.

In the last trading session, the stock price of Sorrento jumped more than 22% to close the day at $4.65.


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