What Were Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s Cofounder Steve Jobs’ Top Six Grudges?

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s cofounder, Late Steve Jobs’ biography landed in the wee hours today. It is indeed an intrigue piece of work that brought out the nitty gritty about Jobs, his life, dilemmas, grudges, decisions, relationships and all other attributes that many across this world was unaware of!

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“Becoming Steve Jobs”

Authors Rick Tetzeli and Brent Schlender have penned the beautiful biography of the man with grace—Steve Jobs; the book has been coined the name “Becoming Steve Jobs”! The authors have portrayed a detailed, nuanced and more complex portrait of Jobs. In the book, the typical tyrannical persona of Jobs has not been hinted at; the varied kinds of persona that Jobs had donned were maturely portrayed with conviction and impeccability.

The top six grudges that Jobs had within till he breathed his last:

  1. Neil Young: Jobs was pissed with Neil Young, since the singer-songwriter had niggled and criticized blatantly about the poor sound quality of the tracks obtained from iTunes downloads. He was pissed as Young had shared his grudge on the public front. However, later Young tried to make for the lost ground, and ease things up by offering Jobs quite a few of Young’s vinyl records as gifts.
  2. Michael Eisner, the CEO of Disney: The CEO had some tense negotiations with Jobs over digital contents.
  3. Jean-Louis Gassee- Ex-AAPL Exec.: He reported to AAPL CEO John Sculley that Steve Jobs had plans to push the former out of Apple, way back in 1985.
  4. John Warnock, Cofounder of Adobe: Once a supporter of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), Adobe changed grounds and favoured Microsoft Windows. Henceforth, Apple decided to shun Adobe’ Flash on its devices, dubbing that the quality of Adobe’s flash was a poor one.
  5. Jon Rubinstein, Ex-Apple Exec.: He played a pivotal role in developing iPod. Soon after he retired, Rubinstein became the CEO of arch-rival Palm. This move of Ruby’s made Steve irk.
  6. Eric Schmidt: Once great friends, Jobs had acrimony with Schmidt ever since Google released its free of cost Android OS for mobile phones. There was also a legal battle later between Google and Apple, on this premise.
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