Will LiveDeal Inc (NASDAQ:LIVE) Be Able To Live Up To The Expectations?

Investors are waiting on sidelines to confirm how LiveDeal Inc (NASDAQ:LIVE)‘s advertising campaign will turn out to be? Just days before, the company had announced its plans to feature in both Super Bowl XLIX and 2015 NHL All-Star Game. Through these campaigns, the company aimed to be a part of the country’s biggest sporting events and sports venues.

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Ads In Sporting Events

Earlier LiveDeal Inc (NASDAQ:LIVE) has said that it will publish full page advertisement in this year’s official Super Bowl XLIX game day program. The company anticipated reaching out to over 4 million consumers through this campaign. The company, which so far has been actively pursuing marketing opportunities with the restaurant owners and consumers, has found the participation in high-profile sporting events as a direct way to reach a wider audience.

The company’s endeavor to reach a broader target market will not just end with these sporting events. The company has systematically planned for its future ad campaigns as well. In a recent published press release, LiveDeal Inc (NASDAQ:LIVE) said that it has successfully created a national TV ad with Stillmotion, an EMMY Award winner. The advertisement will be aired on CNBC across the nation along side other key networks by early February.

Created TV Commercial

It is to be noted that Stillmotion, is well-reputed brand that has worked with a number of high-profile brands such as ATT, CBS, and NFL. The Oregon-based film studio holds excellence in its work right from documentary filmmaking to event films and has bagged five Emmy Awards. As both the Super Bowl and NHL All-star game have concluded, it will be interesting to see how the company’s efforts paid it back. It is to be noted that Super Bowl is one major sports event that attract a large number of viewers than any other sporting event. The shares of LiveDeal Inc (NASDAQ:LIVE) were down by 1.61% in the last trading session as it closed at $3.05.

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