Will Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Exceed Over San Francisco’s Tech Start-Ups?

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is allowing for a salesforce.com, inc. (NYSE:CRM) bid for San Francisco’s largest technology firm– Reveals story!

As per the reports of Bloomberg, the Microsoft Corporation is estimating a Salesforce bid, mainly as a response to an unnamed company’s procurement offer. Foremski’s view points are- the Salesforce is comprised of a market valuation around $49 billion. Hence, it would rather turn out to be an incorporation challenge. Not only that, a separable jaw may be needed for its digestion.

He further says that there are just a few probable suitors and that he is hopeful that the Salesforce will remain independent. This is because it is the largest tech firm in San Francisco and its founder, as well as its CEO, Marc Benioff, has a generous nature along with an off-beat manner.

Besides that, he had expressed if Microsoft attained Salesforce, it would turn out to be rather strange from a cultural point of view. The fact that Microsoft would become the largest tech firm in San Francisco just doesn’t go well with all. The reason behind is Microsoft is associated mainly with Seattle and comprised of a different culture as well as feel altogether.

Salesforce is on the verge of completing their office tower. If it is carefully examined, it would turn out to be the tallest tower in the San Francisco city. Microsoft will literally exceed the tech community of San Francisco and if it is successful then their Tower will complete dominate over the skyline.

In addition to that, Foremski was quoted saying that it would feel really unsettling if Microsoft (a different culture altogether) would look down like the eye of Horus, upon all the existing tech companies of San Francisco as well as a good portion of the Silicon Valley. These view-points have also been favoured by many other experts. Moreover, as per sources they too have said that it would be psychologically unusual to contemplate the thought of having the towering existence of Microsoft above the city.

However only time will tell how much the Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is successful in pulling it off!

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