ZIOPHARM Oncology Inc (NASDAQ:ZIOP) Reports Data Presentation From T-Cell Therapy Plans At ASH Annual Meeting

ZIOPHARM Oncology Inc (NASDAQ:ZIOP) reported data supporting its non-viral plan to fast manufacture of chimeric antigen receptor modified T cells to cure people with cancers were showcased at the 59th ASH Annual Meeting & Exposition in Atlanta.

The details

ZIOPHARM is developing its non-viral Sleeping Beauty platform towards point-of-care for extremely fast manufacturing of genetically changed CAR+ T cells. Report showcased from first- and next-generation SB clinical studies exhibit disease response, safety, long-term survival, persistence and tolerability of infused CD19 specific CAR+ T cells. Preclinical trials demonstrated that “P-O-C CAR+ T” cells co-expressing mbIL15 and a regulator switch made within two days don’t need propagation or activation in tissue culture to attain prolonged T-cell survival and anti-tumor effects. Building on these results, the firm intends to commence its first P-O-C clinical study in 2018.

Laurence Cooper, M.D., Ph.D., the CEO of ZIOPHARM, expressed that together, this report underpins the paradigm-shifting prospect of their P-O-C platform by showcasing the persistence of their Sleeping Beauty-modified T cells, pro-survival effect and optimization of the CAR leading from mbIL15 expression. This strengthens their plans to offer genetically modified items in less than 2 days.

The requirement for a non-viral plan for commercialization of cell therapy is turning increasingly evident as the problems of lengthier, more expensive and more complex viral-based plans are scaled up. They look forward to developing Sleeping Beauty and their P-O-C plan with the objective of producing genetically changed T cells to combat cancers at a fraction of prevailing costs and manufacturing time.

Partow Kebriaei, M.D. presented updated results, establishing upon findings initially issued in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. Two studies showcased that first-gen SB-changed CD19-specific CAR+ T cells seem to offer long-term cancer control when given after HSCT for people with advanced CD19+ malignancies. This could be found years after dosage in some recipients.

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